Drew Brees Retired, Justin Fields ‘Bout to Get Hired; How Career Moves Can Involve a Leap of Faith

It’s been a different kind of NFL off-season as Covid-19 is still on many minds. Since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their first Superbowl ever, eyes have been on Brady and whether he’s up for another season. It’s something Drew Brees had hoped to pull-off as he leaves the game after 20 seasons.

With Brees retired, the rumor mill had folks thinking Russell Wilson was about to get hired. Well, the jury is still out as NFL Draft buzz picks up. Lot’s of QBs on the list of choices, including Ohio’s Justin Fields. Some sports junkies think he’ll be in the top 5 while others see him further down in the top 10.

No matter where Fields ends up, he’s sure to get hired. Teams often have eyes on the QB spot because it’s so central to a well-run offense. Fields isn’t losing any sleep for now, while Brees hopes to get more zees and maybe time at home with the fam. As he likes to say, “it’s not the end but a new beginning.”

That’s because he’s already been locked-in by NBC as a commentator in the primetime booth. For him, It’s a shift from playing on the gridiron to being an analyst around plays, passes and points. He was on a winning Superbowl team during his time with the Saints, so he’s got the goods and receipts as well.

Fields and Brees find themselves at the start and end of their pro football playing days. But both have to approach things like taking a leap of faith. This means moving forward as if it’s a done deal while looking around knowing your chances for success are for real. How they move through this phase comes with:

  • Revelation

It’s not clear what was the ‘writing on the wall’ that made Brees throw-in the towel. Was it the 20 years, or the offer from NBC or the mid-season injury? Sometimes there’re are clues going into a decision and cues in the process that give you a picture of what’s possible or a feeling of peace whether win or lose.  

  • Promotion

At first when Brees got traded from the Chargers to the Saints, he probably wasn’t sure how things would play out. He became starting QB for the Saints and as the saying goes, the rest is history. This wasn’t a decision he controlled but was a career move that led to promotion and Superbowl XLIV MVP.            

  • Coronation

Fields has seen his college career go from contender to coronation. He was a Heisman Trophy finalist, even after having to transfer schools to land the starting spot at Ohio. Now he’s hoping that being drafted in the first round would be one more feather in his cap as another elite player headed to the pros.        

  • Validation

A leap of faith is sometimes preceded by validation. This is when you’re fairly certain about the next move to make. But other times the validation happens after when what you envisioned for yourself comes to past. Fields is working with some of this from his college days and hoping for more of it in his NFL days.

Soon, fans will know where Fields will go. Then in a few months we’ll hear Brees breaking down his game. Brees has to kinda reinvent himself from player to announcer while Fields has to up-level his game from college to the pros. For both, it’s just a matter of stepping-into the moment.                

Tip: A leap of faith requires stepping-into the moment that presents itself and living in the moment that elevates yourself.  

Talkback: Is Fields a top 5 or top 10 pick or does it even matter?

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Jimmy Choo Went from a Cobbler’s Name to Brand Name Shoe Empire


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

Most women seem to love one thing. Besides a fashionable purse it’s a hot-stepping pair of shoes. Some seem to drool when talking about the days of former Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos who had a walk-in closet just for shoes. Maybe it’s how Jimmy Choo went from a cobbler’s name to shoe empire.

Things came together as a partnership between Jimmy Choo (the cobbler) and Tamara Mellon (the dreamer). Mellon lost her job at British Vogue and decided to start her own business. She reached out to Choo who would build the shoes based on her designs. The shoes became popular on “Sex in the City.”

Sure, it might have been a long-shot but Mellon had an idea. So she acted on the idea from a place deep in her gut where it became her dream. She connected with Choo who was originally supposed to be the main designer. But Mellon took the lead with the vision for the product line and business operations.

She says the business was built around fears, family and feet. Her success was a response to fears that became masked by drug addiction. Her determination was a response to the challenges of a difficult relationship with her mother. Her passion for footwear comes from having had to step “in her own shoes.”

Choo was eventually bought-out of the business. Mellon later stepped down from the brand. Now she’s released her own shoe line with her own name on the label. She’s gone from dream to vision to reality a second time. So even with mayday in the job market there’s still room for some breakthrough shine.

tamara-mellon (jimmy choo)

The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

Most women love one thing. Besides a nice purse, a piece of bling. But many prefer hot shoes. Spending money to cure the blues. Some drool about Imelda Marcos’ closet. As Former Philippines First Lady shoes was her nugget. Maybe Jimmy Choo a one-time hire. From cobbler to name brand shoe empire.

Things came together in partnership. Choo as cobbler, Tamara Mellon the dream friendship. Mellon lost her job at British Vogue. Started a business in going rogue. Reached out to Choo for his skills. While she would focus on paying the bills. “Sex in the City” gave them looks. As money began to flow in the books.

Sure might have been a risk among the long-shots. But Choo was used to building shoes for some big-shots. Mellon placed the idea deep in her gut. Which became the dream that took her out a rut. Mellon thought Choo would be the main designer. But later saw bigger vision while putting on eye-liner.

Says the biz was built around fears. With family and feet over the years. Success a response to beating drug addiction. Determination a response to less motherly affection. Her passion takes footwear business from startup to explosion. Relationships helped her rise above. To let her dreams fly like a dove.

Choo eventually bought out for cash. Mellon later leaves business in a dash. Having taken shoes from dream to vision. A second time around was a proven decision. Now branding her own style in shoe line. Her own name on the label makes it fine. With job market mayday still room for some breakthrough shine.

Tip: Upping your game means turning an idea or gut feeling into something that gives you room to shine.

Talkback: How do you think Choo and Mellon feel in having their names on brands they helped build?