Daymond John and Sophia Popov Show How to Get Dreams Moving from the Background to the Headlines


This week was Mamba Day at the NBA! The league remembered Kobe Bryant on 8-24 to honor his game and the numbers he wore. There was a kind of mamba spirit at work as LA sports teams had lots of success in their games. Both the Dodgers and Lakers won big with players showing love to their icon.

For different reasons, folks gave props to Daymond John and Sophia Popov. Both made news recently for their ‘hustle and flow’ credentials. For John, it was a program feature to honor Dr King’s famous words, “I Have a Dream.” John is known as a ‘Shark Tank’ personality but his biz skill came from the streets.

Popov made history winning the Women’s Golf British Open. Her rank in the world was somewhere in the 300th range. It’s only happened once before where someone with such a junior rank wins a golf major. She placed 10th in the qualifying tournament, providing her a chance to play among the game’s stars.


The backstory told by John is he learned from watching his parents about what it takes to ‘rise & grind.’ They’d work their regular jobs and then after that did stuff with their side hustle. For Popov, it’s been about believing in herself and her game and knowing that she could perform among the best of them.

Their success is an example of what can happen when you give your dreams a ‘shot of r-u-m’ by putting it in ‘roll-up mode’. It’s not what you have in a beverage sense but in the way you mix skill, talent, passion & mojo. That means we get our dreams moving from the background to the headlines by how we:

  1. Work it

John realized he wanted to be a ‘bid-ness man’ after selling baseball caps on the street corner. He had borrowed money from a relative to make a few caps for himself. People started to like them, so he made some extra ones. He hung-out on the corner and made $800 selling them. That was his ‘work it’ moment.

  1. Play it

Popov went from relative unknown to becoming a golf champion. Some might say timing was everything because Covid-19 prevented few of the ‘regulars’ from playing in the tournament. But she showed how you ‘play it’ is just as important. This comes by maintaining poise and not being distracted by life’s noise.


  1. Build it

John then started with the brand FUBU and was able to ‘build it’ from the ground up with help from friends & fam. When you build it, things might start out as a ‘proof of concept’ and end up being your ticket to the big time. So that means staying on message or on track to build momentum for a breakthrough.

  1. Change it

At times we might have to tweak things in our game to get better results. Plus, when things get stale or feel stuck, we might have to ‘change it.’ John sees that happening now with the public unrest. He’s frustrated that we’re still ‘stuck on stale’ when it comes to dealing with social justice issues.

It’s still hard to fathom that Kobe was ‘here today, gone tomorrow.’ As players send love to his family, we can live our best life in honor of his story. Some go the entrepreneur route by how they ‘build it’ while others worry during Covid-19 if they’re gonna ‘play it.’ But no matter what, let’s ‘change it’ or ‘just work it.’

Tip: You get dreams moving from the background to the headlines by how you work it, play it, build it and change it!

Talkback: Will this win for Popov be a career one-off or a dream jump-off?

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Shark Tank’s Daymond John Became Fashion Guru Before Urban Wear Was Cool


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

The fashionistas are working overtime. Many are studying what sizzles and what fizzles. With a few adjustments, some will draw-up the next season’s designs. Before you know it we’ll be hearing about the new spring look. Well, Daymond John became a fashion guru before urban wear was even cool.

Things started out when John was looking for a certain style hat. He couldn’t find one for a good price. So he used his sewing skills to make one. The hat caught-on in his Queens NY hometown so he decided to launch FUBU with a few friends. He turned a personal need into a product line by creating market value.

His business took-off as word spread. John sized-up the market, going from a startup company to a brand that captured additional market value. He knew he was on to something after doing $800 worth of sales in a few hours. He expanded into other clothing apparel. He even convinced LL Cool J to wear FUBU gear.

Now, John launched an entrepreneur academy to bring branding to the masses. He’s sharing tools of the trade along with lessons learned. By teaching what he knows John is reinvesting his success to circulate market value. It’s like going from 45 to LP to CD. He’s shifted from startup to street corner to superstar.

John can be seen each week on the Reality TV show Shark Tank. The show features a few business moguls and allows entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to them as potential partner investors. John believes it’s going to take a rush of entrepreneurship ventures to bring about sustained recovery in the economy.


The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

Many Fashionistas working overtime. Checking what sizzles and fizzles on a dime. Next season’s looks giving them fits. A few adjustments could bring new design hits. Before long new spring skirts on the avenue. With magazine ads to boost store revenue. Daymond John made urban wear a cool rendezvous.

Started out by looking for certain style hat. Thought to himself ‘what’s wrong with that.’ Couldn’t find one for a good price. Used his sewing skills making one to entice. Caught-on in his Queens NY hometown. Launching FUBU with friends down. Personal need into a product line. Turning market value into a shine.

Business took-off with more buzz. So he sized-up market value fuzz. Going from startup to company brand. Capturing more clout almost by hand. Doing $800 sales in a pinch. A few hours work felt like a cinch. Expanded into other apparel and gear. Even convinced LL Cool J to promote FUBU urban wear.

Now John launched biz ‘homie-school.’ Teaching others the cash-flow rule. Bringing brand training to the masses. With tools of the trade and expert-led classes. Reinvesting his success to circulate. More market value so others duplicate. Like going from 45 to LP to CD. Startup to street corner to superstar BD.

Seen each week on ABCs Shark Tank. Moguls with wads of cash in the bank. Up-and-comers make a personal pitch. Of a business idea that’s in their niche. Hoping to land partner in the mix. Who brings a real marketplace fix. John sees a rush of new ventures. As the ticket to economic recovery adventures.

Tip: Upping your game means thinking about what you can sow today in order to reap tomorrow.

Talkback: Who’s the Shark on the Reality show that’s got the most to gain or lose?