‘Luke Cage & Jessica Jones’ Now Showing and Streaming Like ‘Hot Hot Hot’ Superstars #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
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What’s the difference between a movie inspired by Hollywood and one by Harlem? Well, it might be the score and plot. There may even be more realness in the back-story. That’s one reason why people are binge-watching Netflix. They’ll see Luke Cage & Jessica Jones characters streaming like hot superstars.

As a spinoff Cage is its own series. In talking about the writers, the show’s creator tells Time magazine “I called our writers’ room the Danger Room. When it came to ideas, ­everybody had their own power. There was beautiful conflict when it came to story.” They’re doing next level stuff and working as a tight squad.

In ‘X-men’ terms, Danger Room is the place where they train, fight and work out their powers. Mike Colter who plays Cage can relate. Born in SC, he spent time working-out his childhood dreams of becoming an actor. This took him from the ‘Low Country’ to the big screen in Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby.

From a role on the Good Wife, he’s off to some game-changing. He’s turning the story of Cage into a socially-conscious entertainment vibe with a brand new feeling in a special way. He’s bridging the gap of his dreams, showbiz and impacting community. That’s useful for reaching higher like cranes in the sky.

The Harlem hook to the storyline makes Cage a homeboy superhero. He isn’t so hung-up on his power that he’s lost his street cred. In one sense his strength is unbreakable. But in another it’s relatable. He’s a good ol’ dude who’s come up the rough side of the road. The next stop will be teaming-up as Defenders.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Flashlighting’ – Get Seen!”
A New Way to Shine With Highlights, Insights and Media-bites that’s Exciting (New-School Flava)

Difference in movie from Harlem & Hollywood? Few things, but it’s all good. A score that features hip-hop. Plot with drama non-stop. May even have more realness feel. In back-story and pop appeal. One reason for Netflix binge-watching. Luke Cage & Jessica Jones stunt-dropping.  Major league superstar-shopping.

Cage the spinoff making waves. A series bringing its own raves. Show’s creative team in Danger Room. Makes the action go zoom-zoom. Sharing ideas with their own power. Beautiful conflict in story for the hour. Doing next level stuff in their tight bod. Reminds us of days of the MOD Squad.

Danger Room in ‘X-Men’ terms. A place for the savvy and book-worms. To train, fight and work out some things. So that their powers deliver zings. Cage actor Mike Colter can relate. Similar lessons on his dream plate. On becoming an actor not before long. From ‘Low Country’ to Million Dollar Baby strong.

A role on Good Wife made us see. His chops not coming geek free. Now off to be about game-changing. With socially-conscious show script arranging. Brand new feeling in a special way. More surprises to pack and play. Bridging dreams, community and showbiz lanes. For stretching career like sky-high cranes.

The Harlem players and storyline hook. Makes Cage a homeboy with superhero look. Not hung-up letting power go to his head. Still maintaining much street cred. Just think how he’s unbreakable. But in other sense pretty relatable. Dude from rough side of road runners. Next stop teaming-up with the Defenders.


Tip: Being a triple threat means turning passion into something more than just another day at the office.

Talkback: What’s good (not so good) about the storyline of Cage and Jones joining up with Defenders?

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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST