Chris Brown Makes a Turnaround with New Tracks and Then Backtracks


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

This past weekend was big for homecomings. There were cheer booster rallies, pre-game tailgating and folks hanging-out with friends. It seems Chris Brown was in the mix. He headlined a homecoming party at a Washington D.C. club. Every so often Brown makes a turnaround with new tracks and then backtracks.

Over the past few years Brown has become more known for mixing things up. He was put on probation after the Rihanna incident. Since then he’s had run-ins with Drake and Frank Ocean to name a few. Now it seems he could have a violation with a recent skirmish after the party. So what can Brown do for you?

That’s the slogan for UPS. But it might even be a question for Brown vs. Brown when he looks in the mirror. It’s a question others may have asked after a surprise layoff, business setback or fall from grace. Change from the outside-in might be more appealing but change from the inside-out is more revealing.

There’re times when returning from setback or avoiding the urge to backtrack requires looking towards the horizon. The horizon is where the sun rises and sets. It also gives warning of where clouds (changes) are gathering. Whether work dreams or vacation, the horizon is a place for great visions and revisions.

Brown still has a loyal fan base. His music is overly-racy to some but cool and sexy to others. Since the probation judge is less interested in his music, Brown can only hope and pray he doesn’t get jail time. But if so, he’ll have more time to look to the hills in order to change the man in the mirror after rehab.


The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

Past weekend among the bigs. Lots of weaves and curly wigs. Homecoming booster-cheer rallies. Pre-tailgating and after-parties. Folks hanging with some friends. Dropping dollars to no ends. Chris Brown in the mix. Getting D.C. party fix. He makes turnaround with new tracks. Then suddenly kinda backtracks.

Past few years of bad press. Anger management or under stress. Put on probation after Rihanna blow-up. Becoming known for mixing things up. Run-ins with Frank Ocean as well as Drake. Just to name a few for real sake. Recent skirmish could bring violation. What can Brown do for Brown in this situation?

Like the slogan to that of UPS. Brown has had long-running success. But Brown vs. Brown is a different beast. Needs to look in the mirror at least. A question for others after layoff or life setback. Fall from grace to major comeback. Change on the outside more appealing. Change on the inside more revealing.

Good for returning from setback. And avoiding urge to backtrack. Requires taking a horizon view. Where sunlight dies or comes thru. Gives early warning of clouds gathering. Seeing things before they become troubling. Whether work dreams or on vacation. A great place for vision-revision motivation.

Still has a loyal fan-base. Maybe he’s opened-up another case. Music overly-racy say some complainers. But cool and sexy say industry retainers. Probation judge doesn’t really care. About his album and style flare. Brown hopes and prays no jail-time range. Might take looking to the hills if he wants to change.

Tip: Upping your game is in knowing that change from the outside-in might be more appealing but change from the inside-out is more revealing.

Talkback: How many more chances should Chris Brown get before he runs out of luck?

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