Transitions: How Celebs Makeover Their Careers – In 90 Days

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Trivia: What do Donald Trump and Halloween have in common? (See answer below)

What do Oprah, Leno, and Letterman have in common? Yes, they’re TV personalities but that’s not all. They once co-produced and starred in a Superbowl commercial. They are also celebs who know something about reinventing their careers. Starting over professionally can be a scary thing.

A few years ago Oprah announced that she would leave her talk show to start the OWN Network. Remember how Leno returned to his late-night gig after his primetime comedy show was canned? Careers in media, entertainment and pro sports go through changes like this all the time.

In other professions some people get laid-off due to no fault of their own. Others sense the thrill is gone in their work-life. These situations cause some to step-up their education, start a business or even take a sabbatical. The light at the end of the tunnel is having more market value and being more fulfilled.

A transition or career makeover is not just in wardrobe. Sometimes it’s about changing jobs, shifting careers or connecting vocation with occupation. It takes a leap of faith, some calculated risks and visioning, by looking at yourself in the way that you could be. Then stepping into what you should be.

The process takes building the case or building-up your cred for a better job. Is your passion being used to the utmost? Are you networking in your transition area? Your results go from visioning to building to networking to living. The sense of satisfaction you get is similar to what happens when you dine-out.

The next time you go, take a closer look at the menu. It lists appetizers, entrées and desserts. Each entrée has a main dish, maybe chicken or beef or pork or fish. That main dish is supported by one or more sides. A great meal is about the food’s look and cook as well as the overall service.

A ‘new and improved’ career is built around your main skills or market appeal. This can have a few ‘sides’ that are different options for getting paid and being fulfilled. Plus, having a sense of purpose in your career makes you good at serving-up the best in you. Then you get to enjoy life’s desserts!

Answer: Boo…the illusion of a scary thing.

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