Shaq & “Magic” Got into Business with an Investment Perspective

Business Motivation for Getting America Back to Work

The Biz Desk
Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson have been doing their media rounds. Both are talking shop about the recent NBA lockout. Shaq is also promoting his new book while Magic continues to be a spokesperson for AIDS awareness. They have used their NBA careers to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

Entrepreneurs come in different shapes and sizes. So it’s good to know the business models that apply:

  1. Creator – Some are known as serial entrepreneurs for starting many businesses
  2. Builder:- There are those who’re good at building something someone else started
  3. Investor:- This is how a venture capitalist entrepreneur makes his money
  4. Hustler – The art of any business is in how you turn an idea into a hustle.

Neither Shaq nor Magic went into pro basketball as entrepreneurs. Their earnings over the years have helped them to invest in franchise and entertainment ventures. This might also be true for many of today’s professionals. Starting a business may not be in your blood, but it may be in your future.

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Work Life
Shaq announced his retirement earlier this year due to injuries. He played 19 seasons and won four championships with the LA Lakers and Miami Heat. He’s been on the NBA All-Star team for practically his entire career. When you consider his accomplishments as a player, he’s sure to be in the Hall of Fame.

Shaq grew-up on the streets of Newark and found basketball as a perfect fit for his physical stature. He played college ball on scholarship at LSU, leaving as a junior to go pro. He later returned to complete his degree and now that he’s retired from the NBA he’s showing how you create an upside in your career.

  • Find your inner motivator
  • Expand-on your passion
  • Develop your professional “itch” to get rich
  • Deliver exceptional results

Shaq has earned so many nicknames during his playing days. It just shows how he’s been able to mix passion and personality on and off the court.

Life’s Work
Where were you 20 years ago when Magic announced his retirement? It came suddenly and was immediate. He was diagnosed with the HIV virus. Doctors felt that for his own health, if he wanted to be around a while longer he should pack it in. Well, he’s still here thanks to early detection and medicine.

He shares how important it was to have a positive attitude. The support from his family went a long way. But maybe one of the things that kept him going is his life’s work in HIV awareness. Sometimes your life’s work happens out of natural or life-changing circumstances that give you a new sense of purpose and perspective on your existence.

Street Talk (Social Commentary driving change!)
The NBA players and owners have reached an agreement. The lockout ended as players return in a hurry. The reduced season is set to begin on Christmas Day. Players began losing money, owners were losing patience and fans were about to lose their minds watching millionaires argue with millionaires.

Whatever the revenue sharing agreement, let’s hope everybody’s happy. It seems the rich will shutdown the business to make more money and fight the government against paying more taxes. So, was it the pain of losing their paychecks that got them to settle or was it about them coming to their senses?

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