Steve Jobs: The Greatest American CEO Ever?

Business Motivation for Getting America Back to Work

The Biz Desk
Over one million messages of condolences have poured-in to Apple. People are sharing how his ideas, products and vision impacted their lives. But some of his critics say he had a bruising leadership style.

The first authorized biography is already in stores. History shows how his success came from being:

  1. Perceptive:- He saw needs in the marketplace before others knew the need even existed
  2. Creative:- He took something familiar (like the phone) and made it fashionable
  3. Productive:- Think about the number of products Jobs developed during his ‘second act.’

That’s how you win in business even if you’re trying to go from unemployed to employed or underemployed to your own enterprise. The Biz Desk invites you
to post your comments below or you can send a personal note of reflection to

Work Life
Steve Jobs had a major impact on how we use the computer, listen to music, interact with mobile communication devices and watch animated movies. When you “Think Like a CEO, Act Like You’re a Pro”™ you’ll know how to:

  • Reinvent yourself
  • Do what you love
  • Make the right impression
  • Network at work

These factors helped make Steve Jobs rich and famous. Trust and believe that they can do the same for the average Joe (or Jane) as well.

Life’s Work
How do you get fired from the company you co-founded? But that wasn’t the end of the story. He went on to achieve in ways that made him a legend. His legacy is seen in the products he marketed. Plus, many University Business Schools will examine case studies of his genius for years to come.

After being fired he started another company which was later bought-out by Apple. He then became the CEO, again. His life’s work shows how the right job,
business, career, or dream opportunity that’s meant for you will come back to you once you get over the job market blues or get over feeling sorry for yourself.

Street Talk (Social Commentary driving change!)
The “Occupy Wall Street” protests seem to have mixed support from regular folks. They’ve yet to develop a clear sense of purpose. President Obama recently said that the Wall Street financial collapse was as a result of people “gaming the system.” Maybe that’s what the fuss is really about?

If so, then some Politicians might be accused of doing the same thing. They seem more interested in getting re-elected than serving the people. No matter what kind of work you do, it should be less about gaming the system and more about expanding the system so that lots of people benefit along the way.

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