Take Your Dreams off Layaway and Put them on Steroids.

daddy-daughter2 Layaway is back! After a brief absence from store counters, the big box stores like Wally-Mart and Targee have decided to bring back their layaway programs. It seems that these incentives were suspended as credit cards became more widely available. The thinking was that since more and more people could buy on credit there were less and less people needing layaway.


Makes sense, right? Well now that the credit market has dried up, the return of layaway is a major news story. This old-school form of credit is making a comeback. Layaway allows stores to make advanced sales before all the money is in. It allows consumers to commit to a purchase by paying over time. If layaway can be taken off the shelf and brought back to life would this be a good time for you to take your dreams off layaway as well?


The thing with layaway is that you can put yourself on a payment plan. It gives you another option if you can’t come up with all the money upfront. Similarly, if you take your dreams off layaway you will put yourself on a payment plan. This payment plan can return dividends or deeds depending on whether you’re starting a business or simply doing some good in the ‘hood. Whether your dream is in the idea, launch, growth or legacy phase of development it still takes faith to see it through. So, you can take your dreams off layaway and put them on steroids by setting a target and a task.


Remember as a child putting that puzzle together that you received as a Christmas gift? At first you didn’t know where to start. You looked at the box cover to see the desired outcome. You then might have flipped over a few pieces trying to get some sense of order. Maybe you decided to zero-in on some object in the picture to begin putting the pieces together in that area. After some time you could see the puzzle picture taking shape.


Living your dreams is a lot like putting that puzzle together. First you have to get a sense for the big picture. What are you shooting for or aiming to achieve? What’s your big-picture target? Then you have to identify a task or set of tasks that you can zero-in on. This will provide a sense of order, increasing familiarity and focus in those areas. These tasks are essential because whatever the mind can conceive it needs some action in order to be achieved.


Taking your dreams off layaway also means you have to set a time. That’s one reason why layaway can be so effective. The store knows that there will come a time when the customer makes the final payment. In addition, the customer knows that there will come a time when the product becomes their own. In living your dreams you have to set a time to get serious, get started, get moving or simply take it to the next level. After some time you will see the big picture taking shape. Even when doubt creeps in, as it sometimes does for us all, we just have to be reminded that our steps are being guided by the spirit of history. Well, it’s two weeks before Christmas and maybe your gift to you is that you put your dreams on notice!



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