Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Bling this Thanksgiving.

daddy-daughter2 It’s the holiday season and whooptie do the year is almost done. Just a “wink and a nod ago” it seemed like we rolled into 2008. Now we find that the temperature in the New York City area has taken a dive as the winter season draws near. Interestingly, Santa Claus sent out an urgent message to advise that there’s not enough “money for bling” to go around. (Well, that’s what my wife and I are telling our girls to help set expectations).


Want to make this your season in business or your career? Then come with me as we join in the locker room meeting of your favorite college or pro team. In sports you’ll find a certain number of games being played each season. The coaching staff uses the pre-season to assess the roster of returning and rookie players. Then they arrive at opening day when it’s time to go to work. This is often seen as a time of new beginnings.


As the season progresses, their win/loss record becomes the talk of sports radio. Each new ballgame represents a time to work on improving their record. The past is the past and today is a new day to win big. By mid-season some teams are hoping for a breakthrough In order to make the playoffs. This means that every player will have to step up their game.


The journey in business and career also has seasons. Depending on where you are along that journey it might be a time of new beginnings. Some people are changing jobs, starting a business, launching a new product/service, setting a new goal. It could be that it’s a new ballgame for improving your record by pitching a money-making money-saving idea to management or promoting a new bargain offer to your customer. Maybe, you’ve been in the trenches for some time and you’re hoping for a major breakthrough.


Well, Reality Shows on TV are good examples of how to achieve a successful breakthrough. You get to “do you,” allow your best to shine through and watch dreams come true. If you arrive at the end and things are on the line, sometimes even a “Hail Mary” pass might become necessary to win big. Each week’s episode from audition to finale celebration look and feel almost magical. The secret to making it through the win/loss record of your journey is to know how to manage your thoughts, master your habits and maximize faith in action to achieve the right results. That’s the THAR Principle for those of you who’re checking because THAR can get you FAR.



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By the way, I am Doc Cunningham. I approved this message and Music Soundtrack Double-play.


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