When Usher met Justin Bieber He Saw the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ in His Protégé

(Part 11) Star Power Upload: (Old-School Flava)
Why Mentors, Role Models and a Few Sidekicks Make You Shine!

It doesn’t happen often but it did for Justin Bieber. The young breakout star got his start on YouTube. After posting a few song clips, he caught the eye of Usher. When Bieber met Usher in Atlanta, it was the start of big things. Usher remembers seeing the ‘eye of the tiger’ in Bieber who has become his protégé.

This is the classic example of an apprentice relationship. It’s where you start out as a rookie or new recruit. Usher decided to mentor Bieber as a big-brother and protector. Bieber’s singing talent was plenty. But since he was new to the music business he had to learn to ‘think like a winner and act like a star.’

With no formal music training beyond a few drum lessons, Bieber became self-taught on the guitar. He’s had to work hard and remain focused on growing his singing appeal. While most teenagers get to hangout, Bieber makes the sacrifice in his social life. It’s how he prepares for platinum records.

If you were to ask Usher whether Bieber will have longevity, he might say it depends on his motivation. He’s got to want it more for himself than someone else wants it for him. His star power will outshine others if he’s bent on being an original and not a copy. Originals last for a while. Copies last for a minute.  

Bieber has achieved much success at a young age. His humble beginnings point to a great future. His attitude early on was that of ‘school me.’ He was ready and willing to soak up the knowledge of the business like a sponge. He’s shown how the right mentor can help move you closer to the big time.


(Part 11) Star Power Upload: (New-School Flava)
Why Mentors, Role Models and a Few Sidekicks Make You Shine!

It happened for Justin Bieber. Teenage girls caught the fever. Young, gifted and hot. Using Youtube to land a spot. Posting a few song clips. Finding a Manager who shared some tips. First meeting Usher in ATL. Becoming his protégé the world knows well. With the ‘eye of the tiger,’ he’s got the goods to sell.

The classic relationship as an apprentice. Ready as ever to pump his fist. Starting out as a rookie or new recruit. Becoming a household name to boot. With Usher as his big-brother and mentor. A reason for being his protector. Bieber’s singing talent is plenty. Thinking like a winner acting like a star before twenty.

No formal music lessons to show. Bieber put his game in the flow. Becoming self-taught on drums and guitar. Hoping one day to drive a sports car. Staying focused on his music appeal. Knowing his road to platinum would take zeal. Wooing the girls in looks, fragrance and feel.

Will Bieber have longevity in the biz?  Depends on his motivation as a whiz. Usher knows he’s got to want it more. Than worrying about a beef or settling some score. His star power will shine for long. If he’s an original like King Kong. Originals tend to last for a while. But copies end up on the junk pile.

Bieber has seen success at a young age. His humble beginnings point to the next stage. Seeking out as much ‘school me’ knowledge. Soaking up stuff like Sponge Bob in College. Sure, he’s ready willing and able. To have more success in his stable. As another mentoring success who’s capable.         

Tip: The classic mentoring relationship has taken many from ‘promising start to big-time finish’ using life-skills as a tool and adding in pop culture cool.

Talkback: How has social media helped change the game in getting good exposure or a needed break?

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