Essence Festival and Pebbles Presented ‘R&B Star’ to Groom New Talent

(Part 10) Star Power Upload: (Old-School Flava)
Why Mentors, Role Models and a Few Sidekicks Make You Shine!

 Where can you find singer/songwriter Pebbles these days? Well, she teamed-up with Essence on a national R&B Star search. It’s about looking for the ‘X-factor’ among a sea of singing talents. They’re mentoring emerging stars by getting them ready for Showtime. 

This kind of mentoring in Corporate America is often called a pipeline development relationship. The journey is one of discovery. You connect with your unique talents, voice and vision. You’re in touch with who you are and why you are. The more you know what makes you tick the more things begin to click.

In the music business, this calls for artist development. In the case of mentoring it’s about personal and career enjoyment. You have to put in the time to go from good to great. Pebbles sees herself helping artists reach their full potential. This takes going from creation to production.

Yea, being true to yourself and not something else is important. Plus, your reputation in-house or on the streets helps you catch the eyes of others. A good mentor or sponsor might be the missing link to getting you to the next level. But it’s reputation and name recognition that make you get noticed. 

That’s the whole idea behind R&B Star. That’s the truth of the matter with mentoring. When your name gets called you’re ready for primetime. You can deliver the goods to perform on Showtime. You’re right on point when the breakthrough meant for you comes in the nick of time.

(Part 10) Star Power Upload: (New-School Flava)
Why Mentors, Role Models and a Few Sidekicks Make You Shine!

What’s singer/songwriter Pebbles up to these days? Making a name for herself in new ways. She’s been looking for a national R&B Star. With the help of Essence the winner should go far. The one with the “X-factor’ in signing talent. Who’d be rockin’ the mic with Showtime content.

Corporate America calls it ‘mentoring to fill the pipeline.’ The kind of relationship that needs discovery time. Connecting with your unique talents, voice and vision. Being in tough with your inner mission. Knowing who you are and what makes you tick. And the reason why you are as things begin to click.

With music it’s about artist development. With mentoring it’s in personal and dream enjoyment. As you put in the time going from good to great. Your skills you better appreciate. Pebbles taking artists’ potential to the top. From creation to the production shop. A process where the beat just don’t stop.

Yea, being true to yourself is key. If you wanna earn a fat fee. Your reputation In-house or on the streets. Helps you achieve some major feats. Catching the eyes of a good mentor or sponsor. Could be the ticket or success anchor. Your name in lights might pop-up. As you get noticed and begin to blow-up.

That’s how the new R&B Star gets a deal. And how mentors, role models and sidekicks work for real. You feel you’re ready for primetime. You’ve got the goods to perform on Showtime. You’re on point knowing success takes a climb. As your breakthrough shows-up in the nick of time.      

Tip: Mentors, role models and sidekicks might tell you to cheer-up, but reputation plus a good sponsor make you blow-up.

Talkback: Who are some has-been artists you’d like to see make a comeback or emerging artists you’d like to see blow-up?

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