Tyrese Tells His Hard Knock Story That’s Been Fast & Furious

(Part 4) Reinvent Your Game, Future-Proof Your Dreams: (Old-School Flava)
How Celebs & Pros Go from Played-out to Poppin’ Again!

 Tyrese is back on the scene. After being M-I-A for a while he’s returned with a vengeance. He’s got a movie coming out in theatres and a new book in stores. He reaches over a million followers from his Twitter pulpit. He tells a story with lessons from his hard knock life. But he’s not about making excuses.

He grew up in the Watts section of Los Angeles, better known as the Hood. He remembers wanting to be a garbage man when he grew up. That’s what he saw as his ticket to a better life. His new book says a lot about moving on up. For Tyrese, up wasn’t necessarily uptown. It was about getting out of his own way.

After successful album releases, he shifted gears to starring in movies. He’s been in a few urban films that seem to mirror his hard core experience. They’re filled with fast action and furious excitement. For many, his lifestyle affirms ‘sexy’ as asserting your manhood. It adds to his celebrity appeal.

His Twitter followers have become accustomed to his no-bull philosophy. In recent times it appears as if he’s been on a journey. His tweets aren’t all about self-promotion. He shares tips on the importance of self-discovery. It’s probably the basis for his new and improved image and bright-lights status.

Tyrese is leading the way for young folks today. He’s been able to evolve in his professional game and personal acclaim. He has become a man of faith. He’s now living his life from a more secure place. It’s about using his life for a greater good. His life shows how reinventing yourself refreshes your swagger.

(Part 4) Reinvent Your Game, Future-Proof Your Dreams: (New-School Flava)
How Celebs & Pros Go from Played-out to Poppin’ Again!

Tyrese is back on the scene. After being M-I-A from music and the big screen. He’s returned with a vengeance. Living life from a positive stance. He’s got a new movie happening. And a new book that’s poppin’. Sharing with his Twitter peeps. Life lessons in between sleeps.

Growing up in the Hood. Hard to become what you could. Not a man of excuses. Trying to make the right choices. Wanting to become a garbage man. But worked on another plan. Finding a ticket to a better life. Moving on up from his pain and strife. Up wasn’t really uptown. It was more about coming around.

With successful album releases. Tyrese went on to acting pieces. Starring in a few urban thrillers. Filled with fast action and shoot-em-up killers. Maybe a lot like what he saw. Around the block from Crenshaw. His lifestyle affirms sexy manhood. Raising his celebrity appeal to “all-good.”

His Twitter followers get no-bull. From a guy whose schedule is full. Taking-on a journey in spirit. Sharing truths and sticking with it. Not so bent on self-promotion. But more sold on inner exploration. As well as lifelong education. It’s one reason why he’s made a flip. Having more of a swagger than a chip.               

He’s leading the way. A model for young people today. Expanding his game. More star-power in his acclaim. Becoming a man of faith. Reinventing yourself is never too late. By finding a more secure place. Living at the right pace. Reaching for a greater good. Living life like you should.    

Tip: Reinventing yourself means not making excuses for what could be but making changes for what should be.

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