Why Brett Favre…Why?

(Part 7) Empower Your Summer: Like The Pros Who Raise Their Game and Reach New Fame.

 Rumor has it, Brett Favre is back. I’m ’bout to have a lol attack. What’s he trying to prove? Vikings have nothing to lose. Coach wanted him to return. Favre hoping to not get burned. Teammates made offer he couldn’t refuse. As a free agent it’s his to choose. Why’s Favre still in demand?

A question for pros and regular Joes. Performing above the status quo. On the job where things get boring. On the field where talent keeps scoring. Favre brings a certain presence in the game. The players still believe in his name. Says more about the coaching staff as well. Makes it an easier sell.

Retirement comes sooner for pros. Even later for working Joes. But Favre remains in it to win it. Like bringing passion to building widgets. Playing smarter, not just harder. Staying healthy, getting wealthy. Reinventing his game for new acclaim. Making rookies wonder and veterans ponder.

So what’s the real deal? On Favre coming back as the man of steel. He got paid. With millions to be made. He had ankle surgery. To regain his mobility. With Favre it’s like magic. The way he turns botched plays from being tragic. All in the possibilities. Seeing dreams turned to realities.

Some see him as a jerk. Others feel it’s all in a day’s work. The way you hustle and flow. And put on a dazzling show. Keep on keeping on. From dusk ‘til dawn. Favre might seem to be a mystery. But his name will go down in history. As one of the oldest record holders. Showing how to live bolder.

Tip: 40 is the new 20 when passion to win flows plenty.

Talkback: What’s it going to take for Favre to lead the Vikings to the Superbowl?

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