Terrell ‘T.O.’ Owens Shows Pros and Joes How To Keep Making The Dough.

(Part 3) Empower Your Summer: Like The Pros Who Raise Their Game and Reach New Fame.

 T.O. and Donovan McNabb back on the same team? Must be a freakin’ dream. Cincinatti Bengals have taken interest. Ochocinco probably thinks it’s no contest. As seen on Spike TV. NFL pros bring their mojo. On the b-ball court also. Showing crossover skills. Giving fans new and exciting thrills.

Staying employed as a Joe or pro. Players in their prime. Knowing that it’s a matter of time. Before the window closes. On their Superbowl chances. Looking to add starpower. On a team that’s ready for the hour. Bringing experience and showmanship. Winning the ultimate championship.

Try not to lose a step. Maybe even your motivation and pep. Work on your staying-power. Boost your inner horsepower. Hang around those who are young. If you want to remain strong. Playing on the same team (or company) is not a surety. Reinvent yourself for career longevity. 

When all else fails. Passion will blow the sails. Find your true calling that’s poppin’. Make your game fun to win. Let it be the wind beneath your wings. Passion is like lovepower. You win or lose, but remembered forever. Oprah says your best life awaits. So let’s not sit for the pearly gates.

Reality TV stars in the off-season. Primetime players who some fear like poison. Their day job gets them in the game. Their play job gets them even more fame. Their dream job is the sum of the same. Not always in luck. Vying to make more bucks. The life of pros and Joes. Worth staying on their toes.

Tip: Pros show the everyday Joes how to position our skills and talents where the marketplace needs us.

Talkback: Will T.O. ever win a Superbowl or is his presence and play only good for ratings?

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