Layoffs, Makeovers & Comebacks: How Celebs Reinvent Their Careers – In 90 Days

 What do Leno and Oprah have in common? Reinventing their careers. Oprah leaving her show. Leno returns to his late-night spot. Layoffs, makeovers and comebacks. Starting anew can be a daunting move. More like a soul-searching journey of personal discovery.

Sometimes it’s changing jobs. Shifting careers. Connecting vocation with occupation. Advance your education. Start a business. Take a sabbatical. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. A stronger command for skills and talents. Knowing what matters most. In personal and professional goals.

A leap of faith? Or at least some calculated risks. Involves visioning. Looking at yourself in the way that you could be. Taking the steps to become what you should be. Keep it moving. From visioning to building to networking to living. A sense of satisfaction. Happens when you dine out.

Menu of appetizers, entrées and desserts. Each entrée has a main dish. Chicken or beef or pork or fish. Supported by rice or other sides. Good looking food on plate. Service is on point. A ‘new and improved’ career outlook. As in an appealing entrée. Built around your main skill, attribute or market appeal.

Your ‘main thing’ with ‘professional sides.’ Different options for getting paid and being fulfilled. Career lines-up with a sense of purpose. More passion on the job. Feels like a better job match. Makes you good at what you do. And good at serving-up the best you. So go enjoy life desserts!

Hip Tip: A career setback might not be your fault, but it could be the reason or season to pursue the best in you.

Blog Talkback: Does it seem like celebrities have an easier time at reinventing their careers?

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